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Greek text:   IKnidos_33 
Provenance:     Chalkis , Euboea
Date:   45 B.C. 
Tags:     treaties-rome
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The text of this treaty was re-edited, with a French translation and commentary, by E. Famerie,"Le traité d?alliance romano-cnidien de 45 av. J.-C." ( Persée ).  For a similar, slightly later, treaty between the Romans and a nominally free Greek state, see the treaty with Mytilene ( Syll_764 ).

[A]   Treaty {ὅρκιον} with the Romans.   Six days before the Ides of November {November 8}, in the Forum Julium, the people of Knidos  made a treaty [with the Romans]. On behalf of the Roman people, the oath [was taken] by [Gnaeus] Domitius Calvinus, son of Marcus, of the tribe Menenia, and Gnaeus Pomponius Rufus, [son of (?) Gnaeus], of the tribe Velina. On behalf of the people of Knidos, the oath was taken by . . . son of ...paios and Klinias son of Seilios, the envoys of the Knidians . . . [other] Knidians were present: Gaius Julius Theopompos, son of Artemidoros, Gaius Julius Artemidoros, son of Gaius, and Gaius Julius Hippokritos, son of Gaius.

[Friendship and] alliance between the Roman [people] and the people of Knidos . . . shall be secure and [firm for] all time, both [by land and by] sea. The people [of Knidos] shall [keep firm] the rule [and power and] pre-eminence of the [Roman people, in the same way as] . . . [The people of Knidos shall not permit] the enemies [and opponents of the Roman people] . . .

[B]   The Roman [people] and the magistrates and pro-magistrates [of the Romans and] the magistrates and pro-magistrates of the Knidians shall not subvert this [treaty] by any evil device. They shall observe this [treaty] . . . (?) publicly, so that the rights of each people . . . are maintained. [If they wish, publicly by joint] agreement, to add anything to this treaty, or [to remove] anything from this [treaty], it shall be permitted. Whatever they add in this way, shall be part [of the treaty]; and whatever they remove in this way, shall be [absent from] the treaty. [Let no evil] trickery [be applied] to this treaty.

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