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Greek text:   Melet_22.EA.15
Provenance:     Thessalonike , Macedonia
Date:   187/6 B.C.
Tags:     royal_letters
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Andronikos, who forwarded this ruling, was a royal official at Thessalonike. Translated by I.Arnaoutoglou, in "Ancient Greek Laws: A Sourcebook", with a few minor changes.

From Andronikos. The ruling {diagramma} about the property of Sarapis, which I have sent to you, was sent to me by the king; have it inscribed on a stone stele and put it up in the sanctuary, so that the people in charge may know what the king decided on how things should be done. In the thirty-fifth year, on the 15th day of the month of Daisios.

Ruling {diagramma} issued by king Philippos. Nobody is allowed to alienate any of the property of Sarapis, by any means, or to mortgage anything of the other votive offerings or to propose any decree about these. And if anyone commits an act prohibited hereby, he [shall be] guilty and the punishment shall be as in the case of theft and the alienated property shall be restored to the sanctuary, having been exacted from the property of the offender. Similarly, it is not allowed to open the treasuries of the god unless the overseer {epistates} and the judges [are present], or to consume the money from the treasuries without good reason, but only [with] their consent. Otherwise, [anyone who acts] in this way shall be liable to [the] same punishment.

inscription 59

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