Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 68


Greek text:   ABSA_56.4.4
Provenance:     Paphos , Cyprus
Date:   163-145 B.C.
Tags:     mercenaries+garrisons
Format:   see key to translations

In this inscription, a group of soldiers within the Ptolemaic garrison in Cyprus issues a decree in the style of a formal community.

. . . [with good fortune;] it is [resolved] . . . to praise . . . of Patara, one of the [chief bodyguards], chief engineer of . . . corps and for the (?) stone-throwing machines; and to crown him with a golden crown and to set up a painted image of him in the temple of Paphian Aphrodite; and to celebrate his birth day for ever, those belonging to the division of older catapulters by sacrificing in Palaipaphos to Aphrodite, and those belonging to the division of younger catapulters by sacrificing in Paphos to Leto. This decree shall be inscribed on a stele of Parian marble and set up in the most prominent place in the temple.

inscription 69

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