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Greek text:   ThessMnemeia_10
Provenance:     Demetrias , Thessaly
Date:   c. 217 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

It has reasonably been suggested that this inscription is connected to the attack by Philippos on Phthiotic Thebes in 217 B.C. (see Polyb_5.99-100 ); in which case Antigenes was fighting in Philippos' army against the Aetolians.

The epitaph is in elegiac couplets. There is a good French translation by Claire Tuan, but some of the phrases, especially towards the end, remain obscure.

Antigenes son of Sotimos.

Minos just sent me, Antigenes, to the islands of the blessed { makarōn }, as I had received fatal wounds on the head and my body was pierced by spears, at the moment that Enyo { the goddess of war } encouraged me during the infantry battle against the Aetolians. My family among the Magnetes, and my bountiful homeland, the town of Demetrias, and my mother Soso, did not weep for me, the true born son of Sotimos. For I did not approach the enemy in a womanish way, but while I was saving the company of youths - who are my witnesses - in defending Zeus and the martial flute of Enyalios and the earth-bound tomb of Alexander, whose courage was great, I covered with my body the land of Thebes.

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