Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 71


Greek text:   IC_2.17.1
Provenance:     Lissos , Crete
Date:   274-261 B.C.
Tags:     oaths ,   treaties-kings
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Magas was a semi-independent ruler of Cyrene; in this treaty, he is given the title "king", but his realm is described as a "province" (of Ptolemaic Egypt). C.Marquaille, in "Ptolemy II Philadelphus and his World", page 44 ( Google Books ), suggests that the treaty may have been made at the time of the Chremonidean War. The Oreioi were a league of states in the mountains of western Crete; see A.Chaniotis, in "Federalism in Greek Antiquity", pp.377-8 ( Google Books ).

The translation is adapted from N.V.Sekunda, in "Alternatives to Athens", page 338 ( Google Books ).

. . . to make an [alliance] with king Magas on the same terms as that made with the Gortynians, in the presence of the Gortynians and the allies; and to inscribe and erect a stele in the Diktynnaion in Lisos; and to have the same friends and enemies as him; and if someone happens to make war against the province {eparchia} of Magas, the Oreioi shall come to his aid, and in the same way if someone happens to make war on the Oreia, Magas shall come to their aid. Oath of the Oreioi: " I swear by Diktynna and by those living in the same precinct of Diktynna and by the gods in Poikilasion and by Zeus Kretagenes {"born in Crete"} and all gods and goddesses to be well-inclined towards king Magas; if we keep our oath, may we have many and good rewards; and if we break our oath, may we have the opposite."

inscription 72

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