Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 75


Greek text:   IG 11.4.1036
Provenance:     Delos
Date:   c. 305 B.C.
Tags:     leagues
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription is generally assigned to the reign of Antigonos I ; see, for instance, R.M.Errington, "A History of the Hellenistic World", p. 31 ( Google Books ). On this assumption, the League of Islanders was set up by Antigonos I soon after 314 B.C., and helped to spread the influence of Antigonos and his son Demetrios in the Aegean Islands, until the early 3rd century, when the Ptolemaic navy took over control of the area. But for an alternative date, assigning the inscription to c. 257 B.C. in the reign of Antigonos II and his son Demetrios II, see A. Meadows in "The Ptolemies, the Sea and the Nile", p.37 ( Google Books ).

[It is resolved . . .] that the League of Islanders shall honour [Demetrios] as greatly as possible with appropriate honours; in every other year, they shall hold the [festival] of Antigoneia as they do already; and in the [alternate years], they shall hold a gathering with [sacrifices] and games, which they will call Demetrieia; they shall send delegates [to the Demetrieia] as they do to the [Antigoneia], and they shall provide the resources for the sacrifices and [the games], and the payment for the artisans . . . prizes for the [Demetrieia from the public] funds, relative to the [contributions] which the Islanders already make for the Antigoneia; and if any of the Islanders [do not pay] their expected contribution towards this . . . in lack of means to contribute . . .

{several lines missing}

. . . and when the cities [appoint their delegates], those who are to attend the Demetrieia in the coming [year] shall [contribute] the same amount of money as has been [assigned] for the Antigoneia; they shall [take care] and consider from where they can [provide] the money to enable the Demetrieia to be held in future; in accordance with what they direct, this shall be legally binding; and those who are sent as delegates in future shall make contributions according to what was assigned [the first time]. The [delegates] shall inscribe this decree and place it by the altar of [the kings].

inscription 76

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