Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 94


Greek text:   FD_3.4.357 , CID_4.36
Provenance:     Delphi
Date:   262/1 B.C
Tags:     games+festivals
Format:   see key to translations

The timing of inscription A is significant; it was passed almost 20 years after the institution of the Ptolemaieia, at about the same time as the final victory of Antigonos II in the Chremonidean War; which suggests that the Aetolians and their allies wished to secure the ongoing support of Ptolemaios II - see the comments of F.W.Walbank in CAH volume 7.1, page 241 ( Google Books ).

Inscription B appears to belong to around the same time, when the war made it dangerous for delegates to go to Thermopylai.

[A]   Gods.   When Pleiston was archon in Delphi, with the following men acting as hieromnemon:

[ . . . envoys have announced . . . that the king is making a sacrifice and holding games for his] father; and [they urged] the Amphictyons [to share in] the [sacrifice and the games that] king Ptolemaios is holding for his [father in Alexandria], and to recognise the games as equivalent to the Olympic Games; therefore [with good fortune], it is resolved by the Amphictyons that the Amphictyons [shall share] in the sacrifice for king Ptolemaios, [and] shall recognise [the games] as equivalent to the Olympic Games, as [the king has written]; and everyone else who [shares in the temple] of the god [shall do likewise], in accordance with the decree [of the Amphictyons]. Each state shall [give the same] prizes and rewards [to the victors in these games], as [are given] to the victors in the Olympic Games; [and] the Amphictyons [shall choose] theoroi from amongst themselves [and send them to] Ptolemaios when he performs the sacrifice and [holds the games of the] Ptolemaieia; and [the hieromnemones] shall take this decree back [to their cities] . . . .

[B]   . . . they had concerning these matters, conducting themselves with all honour; and they sent envoys to king Ptolemaios and king Antigonos, and arranged that both of them should provide security for everyone; and they sent envoys to the other Greeks, and sent out heralds to invite them and to establish security for everyone who attended, putting guards in all places; and they punished a (?) sufficient number of criminals who were brought before them, judging them according to the law; and they managed the affairs of their office well and justly; and when the assembly of the Amphictyons at Thermopylai had been prevented from meeting for a long time on account of the war, they were the first to invite all the Greeks and made the meeting safe for all the agoratroi and Amphictyons who attended; and they performed the sacrifices and all the other ceremonies according to the laws of the Amphictyons in a splendid and fine and pious manner; therefore it is resolved by the Amphictyons to praise the hieromnemones and the secretary in office when . . . was archon, on account of their virtue and their righteousness towards the gods and their honourable conduct towards the Amphictyons and the other Greeks . . . and to crown them . . .

inscription 95

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