Royal Correspondence: 13


Greek text:   IMT_238   ( OGIS_221 )
Date:      c. 275 B.C.

For the background to this letter, see RC_10-12.

Meleagros to the council and the people of Ilion, greeting.   Aristodikides of Assos has given us letters from king Antiochos, the copies of which we have written for you below. He has also himself come to us, saying that although many others address themselves to him and confer on him crowns a fact which we ourselves know because certain embassies have come to us from the cities he wishes, both because of the sanctuary and because of the goodwill he entertains toward you, to join to your city the land given him by king Antiochos. What he thinks should be granted him by the city, then, he himself will make clear. You would do well to vote all his privileges and to inscribe the terms of the grant which he will make on a stele and to place it in the sanctuary, so that the grant may remain securely yours for all time.   Farewell.

letter 14

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