Royal Correspondence: 19


Original text:   Didyma_21   ( OGIS_225 )
Date:     254/3 B.C.

This is the covering letter sent by Metrophanes along with the king's letter ( RC_18 ).

. . . [the copy of the edict] written by him . . . and to the other . . . to place the steles in the [designated cities. Do you] then in accordance with the letter of the king place the contract and give orders to cut the deed of sale and the survey on two stone steles, and of these to set up the one in Ephesos in the temple of Artemis and the other in Didyma in the temple of Apollo, and to supply from the treasury the money required for this. Let it be your care that the steles be erected as soon as possible, and when it is done write to us also. We have written to Timoxenos the archivist to file the deed of sale and the survey in the royal records at Sardes, as the king has directed. [Year 59,] Daisios.

letter 20

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