Royal Correspondence: 20


Greek text:   Didyma_128   ( OGIS_225 )
Date:     254/3 B.C.
Tags:     land_ownership

This is a record of the survey that the hyparch made around Pannoukomē, as requested in the king's letter ( RC_18 ).

[The copy of] the [survey. There have been] . . . Pannoukomē and the manor-house and the land belonging to it and the] peasants [who live there, and there has been conveyed] to Arrhidaios the manager of Laodike's estate, by ...krates the hyparch, the village and the manor-house and the land belonging to it, according to the written order of Nikomachos the finance officer to which were attached that from Metrophanes and that from the king which had been written to him, according to which it was necessary to make the survey: from the east, from the land of Zelia which adjoins the land of Cyzikos, the ancient royal road which runs to Pannoukomē above the village and the manor-house this was pointed out by Menekrates the son of Bakchios of Pythokomē and by Daos the son of Azaretos and Medios the son of Metrodoros of Pannoukomē, it having been ploughed up by the peasants living next to the lot; from this to the altar of Zeus which lies above the manor-house and which is, like the tomb, on the right of the road; from the tomb the royal road itself which leads through the Eupannese to the river Aisepos. The land has been marked with steles according to the boundaries as pointed out.

letter 21

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