Royal Correspondence: 22


Original text:   Didyma_22   ( OGIS_227 )
Date:     c. 246 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

In this letter, Seleukos II continued his family's policy of favouring Miletos and the temple at Didyma, after a period when the city had been controlled by Ptolemy II; see R.M.Errington, "A History of the Hellenistic World: 323 - 30 BC", pp.133-5 ( Google Books ).

King Seleukos to the council and the people of Miletos, greetings. Whereas our ancestors and our father have conferred many great benefits upon your city because of the oracles given out from the sanctuary there of Apollo Didymeus and because of kinship to the god himself and also because of the gratitude of your people; whereas from your other measures taken with reference to our state in the past - these have been pointed out by our father's friends - and from the speech delivered by your envoys Glaukippos and Diomandros who brought the holy wreath from the sanctuary with which you had crowned us, we ourselves see that you preserve sincere and firm your esteem for your friends and that you remember the favours which you have received, we approved your policy, and as we both desired and considered it very important to raise [your city] to a more illustrious state and [to increase your present] privileges [in the way you desire . . .]

letter 23

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