Royal Correspondence: 23


Greek text:   IvP_1.18   ( OGIS_267 )
Date:     before 245 B.C.
Tags:     autonomy ,   democracy

The city of Pergamon was nominally an autonomous democracy, but because it was the royal capital of the Attalid rulers, it inevitably often had to act according to their instructions. Eumenes I did not assume the title of king, but even so the response of Pergamon (B) makes it clear that the city offered sacrifices to Eumenes "Euergetes", and held a feast in his honour.

[A]   [Eumenes the son of Philetairos to the people of Pergamon], greetings. [Palamandros, Skymnos, Metrodoros, Theotimos, and] Philiskos, the "generals" [who served in the year when . . . was priest], appear [to have filled] their office [well on all occasions]. They have performed justly [the other duties of the office and in the matter of finance they have not only] managed profitably for the people and for the gods [all the] profane and sacred revenues of their year but they have sought out obligations overlooked by their predecessors and by sparing no one who had held back anything they have restored these sums to the city. They have cared also for the repair of the offerings in the temples. As they have brought these branches of administration into good order, future "generals" also following their example may easily manage the common affairs. Considering then that it is just not to slight such officials, so that those subsequently appointed may try to preside properly over the people, we have ourselves determined to crown them at the Panathenaia and we thought it best to write you about them, so that in the intervening time you might consider the matter and honour them as you think they deserve. Farewell.

[B]   The people decided, as proposed by Archestratos son of Hermippos: since the "generals" appointed by Eumenes - Palamandros, Skymnos, Metrodoros, Theotimos, and Philiskos - have managed their command in a fine manner, as Eumenes has confirmed in his letter; therefore it is resolved by the people to praise Eumenes because on every occasion he has concern for what is advantageous for the people, and he honours and crowns those citizens who work towards the same end, in his desire to make the magistrates who are appointed more eager to show concern for sacred and civic matters; and so that the people may be seen to co-operate with Eumenes with regard to such men, it is resolved by the people to crown them at the Panathenaia with a golden crown, on account of their virtue and their goodwill towards Eumenes and the people; the treasurers who are appointed each year shall give them a sheep at the Eumeneia, and when they receive it, they shall sacrifice it to Eumenes the benefactor, so that the people may be seen by all to show proper gratitude. The letter from Eumenes and this decree shall be inscribed on a stone stele and placed in the agora; and the treasurers of the year when Arkeon is priest shall provide money for the cost of the stele and the inscription.

letter 24

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