Royal Correspondence: 32


Greek text:   Magnesia_112   ( OGIS_232 )
Date:     208/7 B.C.

For the background to this letter, see RC_31.

King Antiochos to the council and the people of Magnesia, greeting.   Demophon and Philiskos and Pheres, the envoys sent by you to my father to proclaim the games and the other honours which your people have voted to perform every four years for the mistress of the city Artemis Leukophryene, delivered the decree addressed to me also and spoke with enthusiasm in accordance with its contents, summoning me to recognise as "crowned" and of Pythian rank the games which you hold in honour of the goddess. Since my father has the kindliest feelings toward your people and has given his approval in this case , being anxious myself to follow his policy, I approve the honours voted the goddess by you now and in the future shall try following my father's example to aid you in furthering them in whatever matters you summon me or I myself think of.   Farewell.

letter 33

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