Royal Correspondence: 33


Greek text:   Magnesia_114   ( I.Magn. 23 )
Date:     208/7 B.C.

For the background to this letter, see RC_31.

King Ptolemaios to the council and the people of Magnesia, greeting.   The envoys sent out by you, Diopeithes . . . and Ithalides . . . delivered [ to me ] the decree in which [there was written concerning (?) the] games of the Leukophryena [which] you celebrate in accordance with the [god's] oracle in honour of Artemis Leukophryene, and concerning the proposal to consider [the city and its] land as holy and [inviolable] ; I also [was summoned (?)] to recognise [the games] as "crowned" ? and of Pythian rank as you have proclaimed them to us. Your envoys also themselves spoke with all zeal on the other contents of [the decree as they had been] instructed. [I have, therefore] recognised as "crowned" [the games] as you requested [and I have granted that your city be inviolable (?)] . . .  

letter 34

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