Royal Correspondence: 34


Greek text:   Magnesia_113   ( OGIS_282 )
Date:     208/7 B.C.

For the background to this letter, see RC_31.

King Attalos to the council and the people of Magnesia, greeting.   Pythion and Lykomedes your envoys have delivered to me a decree in accordance with which you summon me to recognise as "crowned" and of Pythian rank the games which you celebrate in honour of Artemis Leukophryene, musical and gymnastic and equestrian ; they spoke them selves to the same effect , and asked that the cities subject to me also grant their approval in the same manner. Seeing that your people are mindful of the favours conferred upon them by me, and that they are zealous in the service of the Muses, I recognise the games as you ask and I have ordered a contribution to be made towards them, and the cities dependent on me will do likewise, for [I have written] summoning them to do so . . . . as your people [request], I shall aid in furthering the games . . .  

letter 35

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