Royal Correspondence: 35


Greek text:   Teos_49
Date:     205-201 B.C.
Tags:     inviolability

Towards the end of the 3rd century B.C., the city of Teos succeeded in persuading many states to recognise it as inviolable; see Syll³_563.   Amynandros is well attested as a king of Athamania; but nothing definite is known about his colleague Theodoros.

From the Athamanians.

King Theodoros and Amynandros to the council and the people of Teos, greeting. Pythagoras and Kleitos, the envoys sent out by you, have both delivered the decree and themselves spoken to us to secure our consent that your city and its land be sacred to Dionysos and inviolable and tax-exempt ; having heard them through with favour we accede to all your requests and consent that your city and its land be sacred and inviolable and tax-exempt. This we do both because of our being in fact related to all the Greeks since we are related to the original himself of the common appellation of the Greeks ; to no slight extent, also, because of our having a friendly feeling toward your city ; still further because we shall at once confer a favour on you who ask it and, as we think, gain the favour of the god . . .

letter 36

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