Royal Correspondence: 36


Greek text:   IKEO_453   ( OGIS_224 )
Provenance:   Dodurga   (Phrygia)
Date:     193 B.C.
Tags:     divine_honours

This is one of several copies of the letter of Antiochos; for some others, see THI_28. For a discussion of the letters, see S.M. Sherwin-White & A. Kuhrt, "From Samarkhand to Sardis", pp.203-206 ( Google Books ).

King Antiochos to Anaximbrotos, greeting.   As we desire to increase still further the honours of our sister queen Laodike, and as we think it important to do so because she lives with us lovingly and considerately and because she is reverently disposed toward religion, we do on all occasions lovingly the things which it is fitting and right for her to receive from us and now we have decided that just as there are appointed throughout the kingdom chief-priests of our cult, so there shall be established in the same districts chief-priestesses of her also, who shall wear golden crowns bearing her images and whose names shall be mentioned in contracts after those of the chief-priests of our ancestors and of us. Since, therefore, in the districts under your administration there has been appointed Berenike, the daughter of our relative Ptolemaios son of Lysimachos, see that everything is done according to what has been written above and have copies of the letters, engraved on steles, set up in the places where they may best be seen, so that both now and in the future there may be evident to all in this matter also our policy toward our sister .

letter 37

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