Royal Correspondence: 37


Greek text:   IKEO_452   ( OGIS_224 )
Provenance:   Dodurga   (Phrygia)
Date:     193 B.C.

For the letter of king Antiochos to which this refers, see RC_36. Welles believed that the date in this inscription was year 108 of the Seleucid Era ( 204 B.C. ) but the subsequent discovery of other similar letters ( for instance, THI_28 ) has proved that the date must be S.E. 119 ( 193 B.C. ).

Anaximbrotos to Dionytas, greeting.   Enclosed is the copy of the decree written by the king concerning the appointment of Berenike, the daughter of Ptolemaios son of Lysimachos, as chief-priestess of the queen in the satrapy. Carry out its provisions as he thinks best, and see to it that the copies are inscribed on a stone stele and set up in the place where they may best be seen.   Farewell.   Year 108, Artemisius 19.

letter 38

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