Royal Correspondence: 45


Greek text:   IGLS_3.2.1183
Date:     186 B.C.
Tags:     friends_of_kings
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This letter and the decree in response to it were written soon after the death of Antiochos III; and no doubt the 'the most critical times' when Aristolochos served the king were during the wars of Antiochos.   Seleukos now gave a direct instruction to Seleukeia that it should award honours (citizenship and a statue), which in other cities were usually decided by a free vote of the citizens' assembly.

[A] Recommendation of Theophilos the superintendent {epistates} and the magistrates. Since an ordinance {prostagma} has been delivered from the king concerning Aristolochos, one of his honoured friends, a copy of which is appended below; and since the man is well-disposed towards the city and has taken up dwelling there, and in many matters beneficial to the city he has voluntarily come to the assistance of the citizens both publicly and privately to each of them; and the envoys who were sent to the king - Konon, Zethos and Androkles - on their return reported how earnestly he approached the king concerning the matters for which they had been sent; and it would be well for the city to be seen to acknowledge with gratitude the eagerness and kindness of such men, so that others, seeing how the city requites those who try to act well towards it, may strive to join in assisting the citizens and lay claim to receive citizenship from us; therefore it is resolved by the people to praise Aristolochos on account of his great goodwill and that he shall be granted citizenship by us; the superintendent and the magistrates shall provide a place in the magistrates' office for the statue awarded to him by the ordinance, and the secretary shall enrol Aristolochos son of Aristolochos in the deme Olympieus and the tribe Laodikis. Year 126, 30th day of the month Daisios.

[B] King Seleukos to Theophilos and the magistrates and the city of Seleukeia in Pieria, greetings. As Aristolochos, one of the honoured friends, has rendered services with all goodwill to our father and our brother and ourself, and has at the most critical times given assiduous demonstrations of his good attitude towards our state, we do in other matters take thought for him worthily of the goodwill that he displays, and we have now honoured him with a bronze statue . . . which we wish to have erected in your city . . .

letter 46

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