Royal Correspondence: 54


Greek text:   Swoboda_74/5   ( OGIS_751 )
Date:     c. 160 B.C.
Tags:     hostages+captives
Format:   see key to translations

It seems that Amlada in Pisidia rebelled against Eumenes II during his war against the Galatians (168-166 B.C.). As a punishment, the city was forced to give hostages and to pay a substantial fine. However part of the fine was later remitted, as confirmed in this letter from Attalos, the brother of the king; for some comments on the letter, see A.Chaniotis, "War in the Hellenistic World", page 69 ( Google Books ).

Attalos to the city and elders of Amlada, greetings. Your envoys, Oprasates the son of Kila... [. . . the son of] ...nos, Nalagloas the son of Kilarios, and (?) Menneas, came before us and spoke concerning the things you had commanded them. They asked that your hostages be freed, that we relieve you of the 9000 drachmas which you owed us as arrears for (?) reparations in the Gallic war, and that we lighten your annual payment of two talents, since you are now weak from many financial burdens. As I saw that you had repented of your former offences and that you carry out with enthusiasm the orders of our government, I took thought for you and showing favour to Oprasates and to the city I have given orders to deduct from the tribute and assessment 3000 drachmas and to cancel 9000 other drachmas which you have owed in addition. I have also freed your hostages . . .

letter 55

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