Royal Correspondence: 55


Original text:   Pessinous_1   ( OGIS_315 )
Date:     163 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

The letters of Eumenes II and Attalos II to Attis, the priest of Cybele ( RC_55-61 ), are rather different from the other Hellenistic royal letters. They were clearly not intended to be published, as shown for instance by the reference to 'treachery' in this letter; but later, over a hundred years after they were written, they were inscribed at Pessinous, for reasons that are not known for certain. For a summary of the content of the letters, see J.K.Davies, in "Ancient Archives and Archival Traditions:", pp.334-5 ( Google Books ).

. . . Do you therefore now go as quickly as possible into the country districts and observe everything clearly and let me know how many more soldiers you will have need of. And if you can take Pesongoi by treachery, tell me what is needed, for as the place is holy it must be taken by all means. Farewell. Year 34, the seventh day from the end of Gorpiaios.

letter 56

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