Royal Correspondence: 60


Original text:   Pessinous_6   ( OGIS_315 )
Date:     162-159 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

. . . caution; after opening and resealing the letter I have sent it to you. For they said that you would not be able to open it, if I sent it as it was. Do you take it then and send what men you wish as they invite you to do, assured that we know that whatever you do you will do to our advantage. By all means, therefore, summon the bearer of this letter, for he wishes to speak with you. It is, you see, useful for our other projects that you hear from him what he says he wants to tell you, and that there be sent someone from you with him into the upper districts to accept what is given - it would be folly to refuse it - and to report more carefully to us the disposition of the people there . . .

letter 61

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