Royal Correspondence: 63


Original text:   Priene_135   ( I.Priene 25 )
Date:     c. 157 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

The friendly relationship between Orophernes and Priene later caused trouble for the city; see OGIS_351.

. . . in accordance with our [instructions the envoys] sent to [you by us], Eteokles and [Hyperanthes, will make clear . . . that] we wish [ever] with the gods' goodwill [and in the future] shall try to contribute to the good of the people in common and individually to all of your citizens who come to us . . . Eteokles, one of the honoured men, and Hyperanthes, . . . [the] valour of those who have with us incurred danger, for they have given clear proofs of their reliability and goodwill on the most urgent occasions and have now contributed towards the statue of your people which we have had made 3000 Alexandrian drachmas. You will do well, therefore, to maintain your policy towards us and to exercise all care for the erection of the statue. Farewell.

letter 64

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