Royal Correspondence: 74


Original text:   Nysa_8   ( Syll_741 )
Date:     88 B.C.

In a previous letter ( RC_73 ), Mithridates had instructed Leonippos to proclaim a reward for anyone who captured Chairemon and his sons, dead or alive.

King Mithridates to Leonippos, greetings. Chairemon the son of Pythodoros has previously effected the escape of the fugitive Romans with his sons to Rhodes, and now, learning of my proximity, he has taken refuge in the temple of the Ephesian Artemis. From there he continues to communicate with the Romans, the common enemy of mankind. His confidence in face of the offences he has committed is the starting point of the movement against us. Consider how you may by all means bring him to us, or how he may be kept in arrest and imprisonment until I am free of the enemy.

letter 75

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