Royal Correspondence: 8


Greek text:   Priene_139   ( I.Priene 16 )
Date:     3rd century B.C.
Tags:     foreign_residents
Format:   see key to translations

This fragmentary inscription is discussed by H.S.Lund, "Lysimachus: A Study in Early Hellenistic Kingship", page 150 ( Google Books ).

{ Welles says: Association of these fragments as parts of one document was made by the first editor on the identity of the stone and the script. A satisfactory explanation of their meaning and in particular of their sense connection with each other, however, has not as yet been found. Clearly the subjects are: in A, granting of the right of paroikia to persons taking advantage of it within a certain period (30 days); in B, mention of an earlier grant to the Pedies, who subsequently behaved outrageously towards the Prieneans; in C, mentioned of a period, perhaps that referred to in A, and something to do with a settlement with Magnesia. One is reminded inevitably of the cooperation of the Magnesians and the Pedies to the injury of Priene on a earlier occasion (see letter 6). The accepted interpretation of the transaction then, has been somewhat as follows. The king (Lysimachos?) had found Priene in need of population to work the city's land. As a favour, he had permitted such of the Pedies as applied within 30 days to become paroikoi of Priene . . . In any case, as he explains, he thought the step was for the best. But the Pedies were intractable. Incited by Magnesia, they rose in revolt, murdering and pillaging. The royal letter presumably offered a solution which is now lost. }

letter 9

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