Royal Correspondence: 9


Greek text:   Nysa_4
Date:     281 B.C.
Tags:     inviolability

Sopatros was a royal official at the city of Nysa in Caria.   Athymbra was apparently the name of an earlier settlement in the region, associated with a temple of Plouton; see the Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites.

King Seleukos and Antiochos to Sopatros, [greetings]. The Athymbrians [having sent] to us [as envoys] Iatrokles, Artemidoros, and Timotheos in the matter of their [right of receiving suppliants, their inviolability, and their tax-exemption], we have . . . the details and have written to you [that you may give them a formal] reply. For our policy is always] through benefactions [to please] the citizens of the Greek cities and] with reverence to join in increasing [the donors] of the gods, [so that we may be the object of good-will] transferable for all time [to those who come after] us. We are convinced that before this also we have given [many great] proofs of our personal [reverence, and] now also, [wishing] to be consistent with [our actions from the beginning], we grant to all the temples which have the right of inviolability . . .

letters 10-12

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