Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 2.580


Greek text:   Teos_24
Provenance:   Teos , Ionia
Date:   229-205 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

The Dionysiac Artists of Ionia and the Hellespont had their headquarters in Teos during the Hellenistic period.   For another translation of this inscription, with commentary, see GEI_41.

[The people has decided that when the following officials are to offer prayers for the success of the city of Teos, they shall also offer prayers] for the success of the organisation of the Dionysiac Artists]: the priest of [Dionysos at the Dionysia], the prytanis in the prytaneion and the sacred herald [in] the assemblies. And they {the people} are to buy for them also a [possession] consisting of land in the city or in the country for 6000 drachmas and to announce publicly that the sacred property, once it has been purchased, which the people dedicates to the guild of those associated with Dionysos, is to be free from whatever taxes the city applies. And they are to appoint two men to act in an official capacity to purchase property on account for the people. And so that the money might be available for the purchase of property, the treasurers in office are to give to the appointees 3000 drachmas from the amount transferred from the account of the fortification which has been given for the cost of grain. And the remaining drachmas, 3000, the incoming treasurers will give from the first bequests made to them from the king for the financial administration of the city. And the people has also decided to give to the Artists a suspension of payment for five years beginning from the month of Leukatheon and the year of the prytanis Metrodoros. And so that all might know the decision of the people, this decree is to be recorded on a stone [stele], together with the wreath, and to be set up in the temple of Dionysos. And also this decree and the wreath shall be inscribed on the parastas of the theater. The treasurers in office are to make the arrangements for the publication of the inscribing of the wreaths and the decree and preparation of the stele, and the treasurers in office are to make the payment. And the ambassadors who have been appointed are to give this decree to the Dionysiac Artists and to praise them for the favour which they have bestowed on the people of Teos. The purchasers of the sacred property were appointed: . . . son of Epitimides, and Thersion son of Phanes.

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