Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 4.632


Greek text:   Sardis_7.1.4 
Provenance:   Sardis , Lydia
Date:   c. 155 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Translated by W.H. Buckler & D.M. Robinson, "Sardis", vol. 7, pp.11-12 ( ).   The dating is based on the assumption that the 'deified king' is Eumenes II, who died in 159/8 B.C.

It was resolved by the council and people, as proposed by the strategoi : since Timarchos son of Menedemos, who was previously installed by the deified king as keeper of the treasury {rhiskophylax} at Pergamon and thus honoured with a post of no small trust, performed his duties to the satisfaction of him who had conferred it and in all else was free from blame; and therefore the king, noting his integrity and the steadfastness and sobriety of his life and considering him well fitted to care for 10 and properly to administer the sanctuary of Artemis who dwells among us, appointed him temple-keeper {neōkoros} of the goddess; and since by the discharge of his trust and by a blameless career he has maintained that high repute in which he is held by all, and full of religious devotion and benevolence he endeavours in this office, so far as in him lies, to be surpassed by none in personal gifts for the service of the goddess;   therefore in order to let it be seen that the people honours good men and that many others may emulate such actions, it is resolved by council and people to praise Timarchos 20 for his devout piety and his loyalty to the city, and that he shall be crowned in the theatre with an olive-wreath at the Dionysia festival that shall next be celebrated - public proclamation of the honour shall be made by the agonothete and by the secretary of the people -, and that this decree shall be engraved on a stele and set up within the sanctuary, in order that he may have still greater incentives for civic benefaction and that others, seeing good repute accrue to those who deserve it, may become all the more zealous in undertaking 30 benevolent action for the common good.

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