Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 32.456


Greek text:   SEG_32.456
Provenance:   Haliartos , Boeotia
Date:   c. 235-220 B.C. 
Tags:     sacred_laws 
Format:   see key to translations

Although this inscription is relatively well preserved, there is some disagreeement about how it should be interpreted - in particular, whether the sacrifice and the contest happened at the same event, or separately.  There is a summary of what is known about the festival of Ptoia in a recent thesis by P.R.Grigsby, "Boiotian Games: Festivals, Agōnes, and the Development of Boiotian Identity", pp.128-132 ( PDF ).   The translation is adapted from E.Lupu, NGSL (2009), no. 11, page 229.    

When Empediondas was archon, Hermaios son of Epiteles said that he had a proposed decree {probouleuma} to present to the people.   Since the city of Akraiphia, having sent Damophilos son of Alexias, Deuxilaos son of Thallos, and Apollonios [son of. . .] as ambassadors, invites the city of Haliartos to celebrate the sacrifice in the precinct of Athena Itonia and Zeus Karaios, and expects it to send from the city 10 cavalrymen [to the] contest by teams at the contest of the Ptoia, in order that, being piously disposed with respect to things concerning the gods, the city of Haliartos may continue to behave in accordance with its course of action in future time as well;   therefore it is resolved by the people that the magistrates who happen to be in office under Damokles shall  celebrate the sacrifices and that an ox, which has been furnished for inspection before the comptrollers {katoptai}, should be provided; the treasurers shall assign one hundred and fifty drachmas for the expenses, 20 in the same way as for the Mouseia; the archon and the thesmophylakes shall be present from the city and escort the procession; all the roasted meat and the thigh shall be given to the archons, the polemarchs, [and the] thesmophylakes; the means for these expenses shall come from the levy {emphora} which has been voted.     

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