Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 33.1034


Greek text:   SEG_33.1034 
Provenance:   Maldan , near Aegae , Aeolis
Date:   c. 280-250 B.C.
Tags:     taxation
Format:   see key to translations

This document gives a glimpse into how Hellenistic kings in Asia collected revenues from regions outside the main cities; for an overview of taxation in Asia, with many references to inscriptions, see N.Kay, "Taxation in the Greco-Roman World: The Hellenistic East" ( Oxford Handbooks Online ).   The translation is by H.Malay, who first published the inscription in 1983 ( PDF ).

[A]   . . . to pay the tithe [as gift], and one eighth of the fruits of the cultivated trees, and one part in fifty of the sheep and goats. He also will receive a lamb and kid. The offspring will not be subject to tax. He also will receive one eighth of the beehives. Concerning hunting, he will also receive one leg from each boar and deer. They will supply . . . [for military affairs] as public service . . .

[B]   . . . to the workers they will give the things that are necessary from the royal treasury. As for the land and vineyards and houses of which they have been deprived, he gave back to all their property. If anyone should diminish these provisions, may Apollo, Zeus, Artemis, and Athena destroy him and his descendants.

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