Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 33.1183


Greek text:   SEG_33.1183 
Provenance:   Xanthos , Lycia
Date:   260/59 B.C.
Tags:     mercenaries+garrisons
Format:   see key to translations

Xanthos probably came under Ptolemaic control early in the reign of Ptolemy II; see A.Meadows, "The Ptolemaic Annexation of Lycia" ( ). This decree is the earliest evidence for a garrison in the city. The middle part of the translation is taken from A. Chaniotis, "War in the Hellenistic World", p. 89 ( Google Books ).

In the reign of Ptolemaios son of Ptolemaios and Ptolemaios his son, year 26, in the month of Peritios, when a full assembly was held; it was resolved by the people and archons of Xanthos: since Pandaros of Herakleia, the son of Nikias, was sent by king Ptolemaios as commander of the garrison at Xanthos; and he has shown good and meritorious behaviour, worthy of the king, providing no reasons for complaint to the city of the Xanthians and doing many and great services both to the entire community and to each one individually; therefore it is resolved by the Xanthians 10 to praise Pandaros for his good attitude towards the Xanthians, and that he shall be a proxenos  and a benefactor of the city of Xanthos; and he shall be granted citizenship, both for himself and for his descendants; and he shall share in all the other privileges which the other Xanthians share; and he shall have the right to sail in and out of the city, inviolably and without formality; so that everyone may know that the city of Xanthos is able to commemorate for all time the benefactions of those by whom it is well treated, and 20  to reward its benefactors with much greater tokens of gratitude. The archons shall have this decree inscribed and shall set it up in the temple of Leto.

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