Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 33.1221


Greek text:   SEG_33.1221a 
Provenance:   Ai-Khanoum , Bactria
Date:   c. 147 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Some inscriptions that were found on fragments of vases in the destruction layer of Ai-Khanoum were published by C.Rapin & F.Grenet, "Inscriptions économiques de la trésorerie hellénistique d'Aï Khanoum. L'onomastique iranienne à Aï Khanoum", BCH 1983 ( Persée ). Unfortunately none of them was complete, but it was possible to create this almost complete example by conflating two similar inscriptions.

The most significant part of the inscription is the year number at the start.  It is probable that this is a regnal year of Eukratides I, and so it gives us an approximate date for these vases. The meaning of the word hēmiolios used to decribe Hippias is unclear; it is probably the title of a financial official, but it may be a nickname ("one and a half").

In year 24, on . . . ; content of olive oil; the partially empty vase A contains oil transferred from two jars by Hippias the hēmiolios; vase A was sealed by (?) Molossos, and [vase B by] (?) Straton.    

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