Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 36.1218


Greek text: SEG_36.1218
Provenance:   Xanthos , Lycia
Date:   243/2 B.C.
Tags:     royal_letters
Format:   see key to translations

The Greek text of this inscription was first published in 1986 by J.Bousquet, along with a French translation ( Persée ).   The Ptolemaia and Theadelpheia were two festivals established by Ptolemaios II, and apparently they were held at similar times, so that theoroi from abroad were able to visit both of them.   There is another English translation by I.Rutherford, "State Pilgrims and Sacred Observers in Ancient Greece", p. 414 no. D12 ( 2013 - not available online ).

In the reign of Ptolemaios, the son of Ptolemaios and Arsinoē the Gods Adelphoi, Nikolaos son of Kolis and Hermolykos son of Lyson, who were sent as theoroi, brought back the letter that is written below.

King Ptolemaios to the city and magistrates of Xanthos, greetings. Nikolaos and Hermolykos, who were sent by you as theoroi to the Ptolemaia and the Theadelpheia, handed over your letter and the crowns with which you crowned me and my sister Berenike; and they announced the statues with which you have honoured us; and they performed the sacrifices at the appropriate times. When they were received by us, after they came away from the festivals, they emphasised the goodwill of your city towards us, and handed over the memorandum concerning your request. Therefore we praise you because you have maintained the same good intentions on all occasions and you are gratefully mindful of the benefits that you have received from me and my father and my grandfather; and we urge you to remain in the same disposition for the future, knowing that you will receive every kindness from us . . .

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