Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 39.1334


Greek text:   SEG_39.1334
Provenance:   Pergamon , Mysia
Date:   230-220 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Dionysodoros and his brother Deinokrates are known to have been the admirals of Attalos at the battle of Chios in 201 B.C. ( Polyb_16.3 ), but this dedication was apparently made at least twenty years earlier; for a summary of what is known about Dionysodoros, see P.Paschidis, "Between city and king", pp.253-256 ( PDF ). Even at this relatively early stage in his career, Dionysodoros did not hesitate to place king Attalos on the same level as the god Dionysos, and sought protection from both of them.

For another translation and commentary on this inscription, see PHRC_29.

Dionysodoros the son of Deinokrates, from Sikyon, set up me - the wine-loving Skirtos - to you, Dionysos son of Thyone, and to king Attalos; and yet the art is of Thoinias and the concept of Pratinas. May both of you take care of the man who dedicated me.

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