Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 39.702


Greek text:   SEG_39.702
Provenance:   Olbia , north coast of Black Sea
Date:   c. 275-250 B.C.
Tags:     loans+debts
Format:   see key to translations

The date of this inscription, in the context of the coinage of Olbia, has been discussed by V.Stolba, "Monetary Crises in the Early Hellenistic Poleis of Olbia, Chersonesos and Pantikapaion", page 396 ( PDF ).

It was resolved by the council and the people, as proposed by the committee members {synedroi}: since Apollonios of Chersonesos the son of Euphranes was a benefactor of the city in many great matters, concerning which the people rendered thanks to him and crowned him with a statue and with [other] honours; and the sons of Apollonios, Apollonios and Euphranes, who have inherited the same disposition [from their father], have [always] shown every goodwill towards what is advantageous [for the people]; and [when the city] owed three thousand gold coins, which their father had (?) contracted [to lend to the city and] had made stipulations for their repayment, they remitted [(?) a thousand gold] coins from this sum to the city 10 and [set] later times [for the repayment] of the rest of the money, and because of the public destitution [and (?) the war], they arranged for it to be completely [interest-free]; therefore it is resolved [by the council and the people to praise] the sons of Apollonios and to crown [them with a golden crown]; and the award of the crown shall be proclaimed [by the herald in the (?) third] assembly, and [the award of the crown] shall be announced in the theatre [at the Dionysia]; and so that the repayment [of the remaining debts] may take place, there shall be available to them . . .

. . . they shall be [(?) invited to privileged seating] with the [other benefactors] . . . 20 and in order that the people may be seen [to honour them concerning their benefactions], and the public [sacrifice] may be performed, [the (?) money] shall be repaid [from] the public revenues, [and the statue of them shall be set up] next to the statue of Apollonios, [honouring] his [sons in such a way] that [they will provide] assistance to the city in [future] as well, because they know [that the people] gives to [good] men, who [act] honourably towards it, [rewards] which are greater than the benefits it has received. [They shall be summoned to the temple tomorrow] for hospitality with the priest of Apollo.   Agathinos son of Dēimachos, Konon son of . . ., and . . . were chosen [as committee members].   30 This decree shall be inscribed [on a stele of white marble, under the direction] of the magistrates, and the [stele shall be placed in the] temple of Apollo next to their [statue].

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