Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 42.994


Greek text:   SEG_42.994
Provenance:   Kildara , Caria
Date:   246 B.C.
Tags:     royal_letters
Format:   see key to translations

This letter from a Ptolemaic official to a city in Caria, written during the early stages of the Third Syrian War, has survived in four fragments. Despite its fragmentary state, it provides some unique information, such as that the young son of Berenike had already been given the official name 'king Antiochos'.

[A+B]   Tlepolemos to the people of Kildara, greetings.   Your envoys - Iatrokles, Ouliades, Pindaros and Ischyrias - have come to us, and have handed over [the decree of your people and the] gifts of friendship; and they themselves spoke [in conformity with what was written in the decree].

We have noted your attitude of goodwill towards the affairs of king Ptolemaios and his sister, queen Berenike, and of king Antiochos, the son of king Antiochos and queen Berenike, and we welcomed your ambassadors kindly; and whatever you requested . . .

[C]   . . . and to the sacrifices [performed for king] Ptolemaios and his [sister, queen] Berenike and the other [gods (?)] . . . from which you bring [as a contribution] . . . annually eight... drachmas . . .

[D]   . . . to be free from tax for seven days . . . you perform a sacrifice, just as [previously] . . . which you owe to anyone . . . and about the [matters] at the harbour . . . and what happened in the time of Bias . . . we will investigate and consider . . . exceptionally; therefore, recognising that . . . we have done for you; and for the future . . . [(?) publicly] you may [continue] . . . and privately each of the [citizens] . . .

10 Therefore you will do [well] to remain in your support [for king] Ptolemaios and [his] sister, [queen] Berenike, and her son, king [Antiochos, the son] of king Antiochos, and . . . to show enthusiasm for them . . . you will also receive marks of kindness from them. [As for us], . . . we will be . . . [to take] care of you . . . and we have instructed the envoys concerning [the replies that] I have sent to you.   [Farewell].

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