Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 43.706


Greek text:   SEG_43.706
Provenance:   Euromos , Caria
Date:   201-197 B.C.
Tags:     friends_of_kings
Format:   see key to translations

Alexandros son of Admetos was an influential friend of the Macedonian kings since at least the time of the battle of Sellasia ( Polyb_2.66'5, where his father's name is recorded as Akmetos ). He was awarded proxeny by a decree of Gonnoi ( Greek text: Gonnoi_12 ), which calls him a citizen of Arkynia - an otherwise unknown city. His intervention in Euromos was clearly part of Philippos' campaign in Caria, for which see also THI_72.

Recommendation of the prytaneis: since Alexandros of Macedonia, the son of Admetos, who is a friend of king Philippos and was sent here by him, took over the city and without harm restored it to king Philippos, just as we prayed would happen; and he brought back to their homeland those citizens who had previously been in [exile] . . . and to the other citizens . . . to the affairs of king Philippos . . . and of many others and . . . [therefore] with good fortune it is resolved [by the council and the people to praise] Alexandros on account of his virtue [and his goodwill; he and] his descendants [shall be granted] citizenship and the right to own [land and buildings and a share in all] the privileges that are shared by other citizens; [and he shall be allotted to] a tribe. Alexandros shall be invited [to a privileged seat at the games] that are celebrated [by the city, and he shall be crowned] with a golden crown of . . . [drachmas; and] a bronze statue [of him shall be placed] near . . . [for] all time . . . and he [shall be entitled] to offer a first sacrifice . . . a perfect sacrificial offering [to the] priest, [so that the favourable attitude of the people towards] good [men] may be made known; [and this decree shall be inscribed and set up in the most prominent place in] the temple [of Zeus Lepsynos].

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