Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 48.1097


Greek text:   SEG_48.1097 ,   IG_12.4.1.143 (with German translation)
Provenance:   Asklepieion , Kos
Date:   c. 220 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

The context of this decree is probably the war between Sinope and Mithridates II of Pontus, in which Sinope sought aid from other Greek states ( Polyb_4.56 ).

From the Sinopeans.

It was resolved by the people, as proposed by the generals: since Dionnos of Kos, the son of Polytion, who was sent by the Koans as an envoy during the war, has continually said and done everything that is appropriate, shirking neither toil nor danger, and has provided assistance both publicly to the people and privately to those of the citizens who meet him; and he is a noble and zealous man concerning the city; and coming before the assembly he has explained to the people about these matters; and he has resided here in a manner worthy if himself and of the city of Kos; therefore it is resolved by the people to praise Dionnos on account of his goodwill and the zeal that he has for the Sinopeans, and to crown him with a golden crown; the prytaneis who are in office in the month of Anthesterion shall proclaim the award of the crown to Dionnos when the games take place, making this proclamation: "The people of Sinope crowns Dionnos of Kos, the son of Polytion, on account of his goodwill and the zeal that he has towards the people." He shall have access to the council and the people second only to sacred matters; the generals and the other magistrates shall ensure that he and his descendants receive every courtesy, and shall invite him to hospitality. So that the the award of the crown may be announced in Kos, in the first contest at the Dionysia and in the gymnastic contest at the great Asklepieia, and so that the decree may be set up in the temple of Asklepios in the most prominent place, . . . of the Koans . . .

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