Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 55.1251


Greek text:   Notion_4
Provenance:   Notion , Ionia
Date:   c. 200 B.C.
Tags:     ephebes ,   gymnasiarchs
Format:   see key to translations

It was not unusual for the youths of a gymnasium to propose honours for the gymnasiarch ( see for instance, THI_49 ), but the number of youths supporting the honours for Euelthon is indeed remarkable. After their city was depopulated by Lysimachos, many of the citizens of Kolophon moved to the nearby port of Notion, where this inscription was found.   Based on the text as restored by P.Gauthier, "Un gymnasiarque honoré ŕ Colophon" ( Chiron, 2005 - Google Books ).

The [youths and ephebes] honour Euelthon son of Phainos, ex-gymnasiarch.

When Bakchias was prytanis, on the eighteenth day of the month of Lenaion; after one hundred and fifty three youths presented a written request [to the] council, that the award of [the crown and] the statue, with which they and the ephebes have crowned Euelthon [son of Phainos], should be announced at the Dionysia [and the Klaria] . . .

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