Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 57.1109


Greek text:   SEG_57.1109
Provenance:   Tabai , Caria
Date:     c. 166 B.C.
Tags:     royal_letters
Format:   see key to translations

In 168-166 B.C. Eumenes was involved in a war against the Galatians, and this inscription shows how he had to rely on local resistance to repel sudden attacks by the enemy. Koteiēs was probably "the local warlord . . . Eumenes chose to dignify him with the title of philos, 'royal friend', in return for (presumably) mutual guarantees of military support at times of crisis" ( Peter Thonemann - Google Books ).

[A]   King Eumenes to the city and magistrates of Tabai, greetings. Concerning Koteiēs, your citizen who is one of our friends: what goodwill he shown towards us in all our affairs, presenting himself zealously and unstintingly, and how he is always keen to speak fittingly on behalf of his homeland - I did not think it necessary to write to you; for similar things have been done by other men from other cities, some to a greater extent and some to a lesser extent, and many should share in receiving the appropriate praise; but what he has done differently from the others, how well-disposed and fortunate he has shown himself to be - this I considered it right to recall; for during the third year, when from the . . . against the Galatians . . .

[B]   . . . and they went from . . . in one day he came (?) to Apameia with the young men of his clan, when the Galatians were expected to reach the city within two days; he spoke at length, saying what was appropriate in the circumstances, and displayed his goodwill not only in his words but also in his actions . . . others took fright and left the city, and all their livelihood . . . lay with us, but he showed himself more ready to meet the danger . . . I to summon . . . the crisis . . .

[C]   . . . and again by . . . performed in all eventualities, he became worthy of praise . . . a creditable action performed in such danger . . . demonstrating . . .

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