Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 58.1225


Greek text: SEG_58.1225  
Provenance:   Myndos , Caria
Date:   160-100 B.C.
Tags:     arbitration 
Format:   see key to translations

In this decree, five men from Myndos were honoured by the city of Stratonikeia for behaving in exactly the way that a Greek city expected of arbitrators; see A. Magnetto, "Interstate arbitration as a feature of the Hellenistic polis: between ideology, international law and civic memory", pp.94-95 ( ). The inscription was published in 2011 by W. Blümel & M.H. Sayar, "Ehrendekret von Stratonikeia in Myndos" ( PDF ). It is the earliest inscription that has been found on the site of Myndos.

[It was resolved] by the council and people of Stratonikeia: since, when our people sent envoys to the city of Myndos about the process that had been agreed between us and the Alabandans, requesting that they appoint five men to arbitrate between us and the Alabandans and to give a decision, the Myndians, sparing no effort to ensure that the arbitration was conducted in a fair and equitable way, [sent] out to us Botryas son of Hermon, Androsthenes son of Moschion, Metrodorus son of Metrodorus, Anaximandros son of Axiochos, and Hierokles son of Hierokles son of Asklepiades, noble men 10 who were worthy of their fatherland and of the trust that was placed in them; and when they came to our city and to the land under dispute, in their desire to act in accordance with the intentions of their fatherland, they conducted hearings carefully both on the spot and in the temple of Zeus at Labraunda; they gave a pious and just decision concerning some issues, and resolved other issues, behaving equitably towards the disputing parties; and in the other matters relating to their arbitration, [they did everything] in a manner worthy of [the citizens who sent them and our people] . . . 

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