Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 60.1075


Greek text:   SEG_60.1075
Provenance:   Aphrodisias , Caria 
Date:   c. 188-167 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations  

Although Aphrodisias is a well-documented site, surprisingly little is known about its earlier history, before the first century B.C.   This fragment of a decree suggests that the city came under the control of the Rhodians after the Peace of Apameia; see A.Chaniotis,"New evidence from Aphrodisias concerning the Rhodian occupation of Karia and the early history of Aphrodisias" ( Ausonius Éditions ).

Decision of the archons: since Damokrines of Rhodes, who was sent by the Rhodians to be commander of the places in Caria, has conducted himself in an honourable and upright fashion, [worthy of the people] who sent [him; he has taken care that] all the [(?) peoples should] be in [the best possible] condition [and] should be governed [in concord; and when he came to] our city, [he conducted himself] with great [diligence] . . . [the most distinguished] of the [citizens] . . . 

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