Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 64.1296


Greek text:   SEG_64.1296
Provenance:     Pessinous , Galatia
Date:   188-159 B.C.
Tags:     mercenaries+garrisons ,   royal_letters
Format:   see key to translations
Translated by:   Marijana Ricl

This letter, like others found at Pessinous ( see RC_57-60 ), was written before Attalos II became king, during the reign of his brother Eumenes II. For some comments on the inscription, see M.Ricl, "A New Royal Letter from Pessinus" ( Epigr.Anat. 47/2014 - ). In a detailed discussion of the date of the inscription, P.Thonemann argues for a date of c. 183 B.C. ( ZPE 194/2015, pp.120-122 - ).

With good fortune.   Attalos to Sosthenes and Herodes, greetings. Having met with us, Aribazos, commander of the Galatians from Kleonnaeion, and of the colonists {katoikoi} from Amorion, said that he is registered among those at Kleonnaeion and that on account of the mercenaries who were in that place earlier no privilege was granted to their officers, and that we had prescribed what each of those holding one of the commands (?) listed below should have, but that nothing had happened in his case, and he asked to be assigned a position as general {strategia} and to be allowed to keep the allotments he already holds, these allotments being in the category of officers’ allotments, and that he be granted the same privileges that are conceded to the generals; since, then, both in previous times and now he provides [(?) many good services], and in . . .

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