Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 64.1381


Greek text:   SEG_64.1381 
Provenance:     Arykanda , Lycia
Date:   c. 200 B.C.  
Tags:     treaties-cities
Format:   see key to translations

This treaty between two small cities in Lycia may have included another city as a 'third party', if the gap in line 6 contained another place name. It is likely that the men who were 'serving as soldiers in Syria' had gone to fight for the the Ptolemaic army in the Fifth Syrian War (202-?195 BC), but if so they ended up on the losing side. Ptolemaic control of Lycia, which had lasted for about 80 years, came to an abrupt end at this time.  

. . . On these terms an agreement was made between [the Tragalassians and the pol]emarch of the Arykandians [and . . . with oa]ths, that the Tragalassians shall have [freedom] from [all taxes], and the other privileges which are also allowed to . . . ; and that the Tragalassians shall consider the same to be friends and enemies, as the Arykandians also [consider]; and that those of them who are serving as soldiers in Syria, if ever they return, shall have the same [privileges]; and that the Tragalassians shall be established as proxenoi and brothers and allies of the Arykandians, and of the villages that are under their control, and of the other . . .; and if to any alli.. . . . 

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