Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 64.1386


Greek text:   SEG_64.1386 
Provenance:     Limyra , Lycia
Date:   c. 197-190 B.C.  
Tags:     royal_letters
Format:   see key to translations

This letter was probably written soon after Antiochus III gained control of Lycia in 197 B.C.   It was clearly written by a high-ranking official, who could give orders to other officials; but his identity is unknown.

The inscription was first published by M. Wörrle in 2011.   This translation follows the revised text and French translation of B. Virgilio, "La lettre séleucide provenant de Limyra en Lycie" ( Persée ).  

. . . to [the council and the] people [ of Limyra ], greetings. [The envoys who were sent by you] . . . [M]yndos, Aichmon and Iphikrates, have explained to us the matters on which [they said they had been instructed by you, and] they have asked (?) us, maintaining the [goodwill that we have had] since the beginning, [to grant privileges] to your people. We have agreed to the request, [and we have told the envoys] to inform [you about what has been granted], so that you may conform with the [written instructions]. 

 [No-one shall be permitted] to (?) trespass on private property, since there are few [who] . . . we have told [(?) Aristonöos, who] is in charge of the city, to instruct [the soldiers under his command that] they shall remove absolutely none of the (?) livestock, but they shall allow . . . [it shall not be permitted] to [remove any of the livestock], similarly not while the [forts] in the [territory] have garrisons; 10 [concerning the other] things, he shall ensure that the soldiers receive them, as [we have ordered]; and we have declared that [the gate] leading [to the] Thesmophorion should be opened, [and similarly we have declared that] you should be allowed to construct [the (?) road], which you have explained is necessary for you . . . to the Thesmophorion; and we have instructed the landowners [in the territory, along with the citizens and] the foreigners and the local residents in the city, to offer [the customary sacrifices on behalf of the] (?) kings; and we have ordered Aristonöos to ensure that . . . nor to permit the crews of the triremes to go into . . . ; and [concerning] the gymnasium that was dedicated by Phanokrates, we have declared [that it should be restored to you by the] soldiers, so that neither the discuses nor the gymnasiarchs [need to be] two-fold . . . [and] you shall use it for whatever you choose; and as for the rest, 20 [wishing to take good care of you so that we may always] be helping to establish [something] beneficial to you for the city, [and being] convinced [that when] we give you [great] favours [(?) in these matters], we will [(?) therefore] receive the approval of the king, [ we have (?) written to Zeuxis ] . . . as [is appropriate] for him, [who] is in charge of affairs . . . to his (?) subordinates.   Farewell.

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