Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 64.1894


Greek text:   SEG_64.1894 
Provenance:     Alexandria , Egypt
Date:   222-204 B.C.  
Tags:     friends_of_kings ,   mercenaries+garrisons 
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription, which was found in the Boubasteion at Alexandria, was published in 2014, with a French translation and commentary ( PDF ). The editors assigned it to the reign of Ptolemy IV, but the date has been questioned by SEG.   For a discussion of the multi-ethnic association, see C. Fischer-Bovet, "The Ptolemaic Army" ( Oxford Handbooks Online ).  

The association of the Thracians from Trales, and the Masylians from Libya attached to them, and the Persians and Cyrenians who served as soldiers with them, honoured Megamedes, one of the first friends, on account of his virtue and his goodwill towards king Ptolemaios and queen Arsinoē, the gods Philopatores, and their sons and their descendants and their affairs and towards the association, without blame, and for his honourable conduct. 

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