Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 65.1028


Greek text:   ABSA_110.p265
Provenance:     (?)  Erythrai 
Date:   mid 3rd century B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription, which is stored in Liverpool's World Museum, was published with an English translation by P. Liddel & P. Low, "An honorific gnome of the koinon of the Phrikyladai: a new inscription from Liverpool" (ABSA, 2015). The association of Phrikyladai is not mentioned in any other surviving document. The officials called oinōnai probably had the important task of purchasing and supplying wine to the association's members.

{ inside three wreaths }   Ep[igonos] son of Mel[iandros];   Aristodemos son of Menekrates;   Posittas son of Theudoros.

Proposal of those appointed by the association {koinon} - Simos son of Protogenes, Amymon son of Apollonodotos - to draft how those appointed oinōnai during the time when Theupompos was hieropoios will be honoured.   Since those appointed second oinōnai by the association - Epigonos son of Meliandros, Aristodemos son of Menekrates, Posittas son of Theudoros - took care of the association well and honourably, it is resolved by the Phrikyladai to crown each of them with a crown of foliage on account of their virtue and honourable conduct towards the association. So that also if ever anyone else wants to act honourably, they might see that the association of the Phrikyladai knows how to pay back due gratitude for those things from which it might be benefited, they shall inscribe the crowns given to them [with] the proposal on a stone stele and set it up wherever [they like], requesting a place which will have been approved.  There shall also be appointed [three men who] will ensure that [the stele] is set up and [the proposal] is inscribed and that the crowns are engraved.   Epigonos son of [Me]lia[ndr]os, Aristodemos son of Menekrates, [Po]sitt[as] son of Theudoros were appointed

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