Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 66.1663


Greek text:   SEG_66.1663
Provenance:     Laodicea on the Lycus
Date:   c. 260-188 B.C.
Translated by :   P. Thonemann
Tags:     isopoliteia
Format:   see key to translations

The name of the city that passed this decree is not mentioned in the surviving part of the inscription. The first editor suggested it might be Stratonikeia; but good reasons for supposing that is was Seleukeia-Tralles have been put forward by P. Thonemann, "A Hellenistic isopoliteia decree from Laodikeia on the Lykos" ( PDF ).

It was resolved by the council and the people, [. . . son of] Naukrates made the motion: [since the Laodikeians, being well-disposed] both collectively towards the people [and individually towards] each of our citizens, have decreed isopoliteia [and freedom from taxation] and privileged seating for us, [and crown] our people with a gold [crown] for the sake of its [virtue] and the goodwill [which it continues to hold towards] the people of Laodikeia, . . ., 10 they have sent as ambassadors [. . . son of . . .], Athenaios [son of . . ., and . . .] son of Satyros, who have [delivered the decree] to the people and [have made a speech concerning] the goodwill which they hold towards our people, and have called [on us to hold the same] disposition concerning the things about which [they have (?) written to the] city, having shown all possible [sobriety during their] stay in the city, . . . [And so the people,] wishing to . . . 20 their . . ., [in order that (?) friendship] might be preserved for [all time] for both [cities, with good fortune], be it resolved: let the [Laodikeians be citizens and let] them share in [all the things that the other ]keis share in, [and let the official invite them to] a front seat [at all] the musical contests [that are held] by the people; [and let them also have] right of access to the council [first after the] sacred business; 30 and the council and the *** stratēgoi and the other officials are to take care of all those Laodikeians who arrive at the city . . .

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