Select Papyri, 1.114


Greek text:   PFlor 332
Date:   2nd cent. A.D.

Eudaemonis to her son Apollonius a greeting. You do not forget that two months ago to-day I went to see the intractable Discas as he would not await your arrival. Well, together with some friends from the gymnasium he is now planning how to attack me in your absence, thinking that he can gain his end unjustly. I have already performed my part, and I have neither bathed nor worshipped the gods because of my fear about your unsettled case, if indeed it is unsettled. Let it therefore not remain unsettled, lest I too be driven to the law-courts. Before all I pray for your health and that of my little ones and their mother. Write to me constantly about your health, in order that I may have consolation for my coming hither. Goodbye, my lord. Phaophi 3.

{Postscript}   At your wedding the wife of my brother Discas brought me 100 drachmas; and now that her son Nilus is about to marry, it is right that we should make a return gift, even if we have grievances against them still pending.

{Addressed}   To Apollonius my son.

papyrus 115

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