Select Papyri, 1.115


Greek text:   PGiess 17
Date:   2nd cent. A.D.

Taus to Apollonius her lord very many greetings. Before everything I salute you, master, and I pray always for your health. I was distressed, my lord, not a little to hear that you had been ill, but thanks be to all the gods that they keep you safe from harm. I beg you, my lord, if it please you, to send for me; else I die because I do not behold you daily. Would that I were able to fly and come to you and make obeisance to you; for it distresses me not to behold you. So be friends with me and send for me. Goodbye, my lord... Epeiph 24.

{Addressed}   To Apollonius the strategos.

papyrus 116

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